Estonia Grand Piano 225

estonia 225 grand pianos

The Model 225 is a an ideal choice for pianists, teachers and musicians for professional concert venues, recordings and performances. It has the singing tone, balance and sensitivity required for any music style.

The bridge notching is by hand, as an example of trusted European traditions and handcraftsmanship with many years of experience. The soundboards are made of the highest quality resonance spruce, found in the high altitudes of Swiss and Italian Alps. Very carefully selected, they will be treated by our experienced craftsmen to produce the naturally beautiful and singing piano sound. Double duplex-scale, action, keyboard, hammers, and other European components of the highest quality, custom fit for each individually made Estonia piano.


Model 225 Specs

Length 7'4 in (225 cm)
Width 5'1 in (156 cm)
Height 3'4 in (101,5 cm)
Weight 908 lb (412 kg)
Rim Thick Baltic wood
PinBlock Highest grade - Germany
Ribs 15 radial grain - spruce
Plate sand cast iron plates
Tunning Pins Highest grade - Germany
Strings Highest quality, imported steel piano wire from Germany. Bass wires are core wound with pure copper, handmade at the Estonia Piano Factory
Hammers Renner Blue
Action First class Renner
Keys Kluge, Germany
Felt Germany and England
Pedals Una corda, Full sostenuto, and Full sustain

For over a century, the Estonia Piano Company has been in pursuit of the most singing grand piano sound. Indrek Laul, a Juilliard doctorate pianist and owner of the factory, has traveled the world for three decades working with concert pianists, performers and educators. Dr. Laul has understood the demands of pianists, their needs to achieve the complete inspiration and ultimate tonal expression, and has guided that knowledge to the Estonia factory. With a great team, the new piano models have been proudly and painstakingly created for pianists and musicians in Performance Centers and Concert Halls, Conservatories and Recording Studios, as well as for the homes of music lovers.

Five-Star Lifetime Trade-Up Policy

If you ever want to trade the piano you have purchased from us, we'll credit you 100% of the price you paid towards any piano in our stock of equal or higher value.
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Pre-Owned Pianos

Pre-Owned Pianos Program

Our used inventory is priced to sell quickly. Most of our used pianos are tagged at a “fraction of their new price". Choose from pre-owned grands, uprights and digitals.
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Falcetti Pianos offers attractive pricing on a wide-range of pianos, from $59.00 - $179.00 per month for Clavinova, Hybrid and Acoustic models. Rental fees can be applied toward purchase.

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From delivering and setting up a
1400 lb Yamaha 9' concert grand piano, to delivering your piano to its new home, we can professionally handle all your piano moving needs.

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Having your piano tuned on a regular schedule by a good piano tuner will protect your investment, as well as provide you with a well-voiced and well-tuned instrument.

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Falcetti Pianos maintains concert ready rental pianos for performance and promotional events throughout New England. Select from professional uprights and grands.

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