Estonia Pianos - A Work of Art

Estonia grand and concert pianos are the result of an ideal - to craft inspirational instruments by hand using only
the best suited, and therefore limited, materials, parts and experienced craftsmen in Europe. Built in limited numbers in the musically
vibrant city of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, the Estonia piano enjoys a following of enthusiasts the world over, unlike any piano in modern times.

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estonia 274
274 Concert
At 9 feet, the Estonia 274 is the largest instrument in a lineup of models produced at the Estonia piano factory.
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estonia 225
The Model 225 is a an ideal choice for pianists, teachers and musicians for concert venues, recordings and performances.
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estonia 210
The Model 210 is an ideal choice for living rooms, teaching, recording studios, concert & chamber halls, and churches.
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estoni 190
The Model 190 is the ideal choice for living and music rooms, teaching and recording studios, and chamber halls.
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estonia 168
The Model 168 (5’6) is perfect for living and music rooms, apartments and studios.
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