Bösendorfer 230VC

230VC Vienna Concert
The Love of Music continues to motivate us to the very highest level of performance and pushing us to new dimensions. Our 230VC Concert Grand achieves our ambitions in all aspects: from its room-filling radiance, to the sheer limitless tonal range and unique depth of sound, enabling the finest of nuances. With perfect balance and an unsurpassed level of control, it offers endless possibilities of interpretation and style. Experience piano playing in a totally new way.


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Bösendorfer is the only piano manufacturer that applies a detachable and independent Capo d’Astro in the upper register. This is how we assure an utmost precise adjustment in the upper register guaranteeing the original Bösendorfer Sound for generations: Unique sound for more than one generation.

Tonal stability at its best: Our open pinblock consists out of 3 layers of 7mm quarter sawn maple, glued cross-grained to each other. Settled on a base of red beech this construction offers a firm basis for the pins tied with strings. The top layer is refined with a 1.5mm walnut veneer. Our open pin block: a sound basis indeed.

Each string is individually attached with a handmade loop. Over time this improves tuning stability and is particularly service friendly.


230VC Vienna Concert

Powerful, elegant and stylish, this grand piano lends itself to any interior, adapting to each spatial and acoustic environment.
Its acoustic reach is as impressive on the world’s stages as it is in the more intimate setting of a private home concert.

Our knowledge and experience rooted in tradition, combined with our passion for innovation, have culminated in a grand piano which
provides a truly unique sound experience and an unparalled source for artistic creativity.

Seductive, brilliant, limitless: the 230VC Vienna Concert offers a whole new dimension in sound and size.

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