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Yamaha CFX

The nine foot CFX is a full sized concert grand piano characterized by a wide palette of tonal colors and the ability to create the most subtle expressive nuances. The CFX can project over the sound of a symphony orchestra, even in very large halls. The crowning glory of the Yamaha line, today's CFX concert grand incorporates numerous refinements in performance, appearance and safety, elevating this revered instrument to an even higher standard of excellence.

Yamaha CFX Specs

  • Size: H 40.5″ W 63″ D 9' | Weight: 1082 lbs
  • finishes Colors Available: Polished Ebony
  • CF Series Lineup:CF4 | CF6 | CFX



Handcrafted by Yamaha master builders at our Concert Piano Workshop in Kakegawa, Japan
Rims: Mahogany and hard maple
Soundboard: European Spruce
Soundboard Ribs: European Spruce
Back Posts: 4 – Yezo Spruce
Bridge Construction: One-piece continuous
Frame: Hand-molded, sand casted iron
Tone Collector: Yes
Key Material: Seasoned Sitka Spruce
White Key surfaces: Ivorite™
Black Key surfaces: Ebony
Fallboard: Soft-close
Lid lock: Yes
Pedal: Shift/Sostenuto/Damper with adjustable lyre brace
Caster: Heavy duty double-wheeled solid brass casters with locks
Weight: 1,082 lbs (491 kg)

The finest of the finest wood
Handcrafted by master builders
A case for resonance
Hand-modeled, sand casted frame
Like no hammers on Earth
Hand-wound bass strings
Voice regulated and tuned to perfection
Beautiful inside and out

Ribs & Soundboard
Only the most carefully selected European spruce is used for the soundboard. A new method for attaching the ribs to the soundboard helps free it from stress, adding rich overtones to the sound for a wide range of expressive tonal colors.

The hammers have a big affect on the tonal clarity and character, and also help determine how the sound projects and sustains. Yamaha uses the best possible materials and treatments for optimum performance despite possible changes in temperature and humidity.

Metal Frame
The frames are individually hand molded and sand cast to enhance the strength and stability of the pianos. This contributes to the outstanding tonal character and sustain of the series. The CF6 and CF4 feature an open pin block design which improves both the attack and sustain of the notes.

Also Avialable As

yamaha enspire

The Yamaha CFX grand piano is available with the Disklavier ENSPIRE PRO system ( DCFX ENPRO ).

Additional features of the ENSPIRE PRO series include:
• Included WPS Wi-Fi adapter adds wireless connectivity directly to the piano, either peer-to-peer or on a network •
• Silent mode decouples hammers from strings for headphone practice using the built-in Yamaha CFX concert grand sample •
• USB audio recording function •

Yamaha CFX

The Flagship of the CF series, the CFX full concert grand piano represents the pinnacle of Yamaha's tradition of piano crafting. Beautifully made and with an exquisite tone across the entire dynamic range, the CFX has the power to project its sound to the furthest reaches of any concert hall.

• Refinements in the specifications of copper-wound strings generate purer, harmonious bass tones •
• Select bridge materials deliver warm, rich tones and extended resonance •
• Heavy-duty double casters offer improved mobility •
• Aesthetic refinements to legs, music desk and lyre, and beautiful plate and inner rim surface finishes •
• A lit prop safety stop guards against insecure prop positioning •

yamaha SX video
piano shop video
Yamaha Grands

Unparalleled in their beauty and musical range, grand pianos are the ultimate expression of the piano maker's art. Embodying over 100 years of accumulated expertise, these instruments epitomize the quality, performance and value for which Yamaha has long been renowned, as we enter the second century of Yamaha grand pianos.

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