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Falcetti Pianos is the Premier Home to Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Schimmel and Estonia pianos with three store locations in New England, offering the largest collection of trusted brands. In-store or online, we're here to assist you any way we can with your purchase. If you have any questions at all our experienced staff will be happy to answer them, and help find the right piano for you. Text or call 413-313-6088.

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NEW! Yamaha NU1XA

THE SPIRIT OF A GRAND PIANO, THE EXPERIENCE OF PURE PERFORMANCE... Play whenever inspiration strikes on the NU1XA. Featuring the authentic feel of an acoustic piano along with state-of-the-art technology, the NU1XA Offers a truly immersive grand-plano-inspired experience. The all new NU1XA is the perfect choice to bring the renowned Yamaha sound to any home.

  • Keyboard:88 Key Specialized Upright Action
  • Weight:300 lbs
  • Size:H 44.2″ W 62.7″ D 21.6″
  • Lineup:NU1XA | N1X | N2 | N3X
  • finishes Colors Available: Polished Ebony, White



yamaha nu1xa

Specialized Upright Piano Action
Non-contact Articulation Sensor System
Key Sensor type: Electromagnetic inductive type
Intelligent Acoustic Control system 28 playable voices (binaural CFX Concert Grand and Bösendorfer Imperial Grand for headphones)
256-note polyphony
Recording formats: Standard MIDI, Audio WAV
Supported file formats: Standard MIDI, WAV Compatible storage media: USB Flash Memory (up to 64GB)
MIDI connectivity: 5-pin MIDI IN/OUT, USB TO HOST
Audio connectivity: Stereo audio IN x1 (mini stereo), analog audio OUT x 2 (TS), Bluetooth
Headphone connectivity: 1/4” stereo x 2
Data connectivity: USB TO DEVICE x 1, UD-WL01 (WiFi)
Smart Pianist app compatibility
Speaker output: 45watts + 45watts x 2 Soft-close fallboard

Yamaha Sounds of Spring Piano Sale - 0% 18 Months Financing

Yamaha NU1XA


Featuring a sophisticated upright piano mechanism that captures every delicate movement, the NU1XA reacts faithfully to the nuances of your playing - from soft trills to repeated notes. And with its keyboard made of real wood, which provides a sold, natural response, you'll feel just like you're playing an acoustic piano. To play an AvantGrand means access to the actual sound profile of two legendary concert grands: the Yamaha CFX and the Bösendorfer Imperial. Whether you prefer the bold, expansive palette of the CFX, or the warm, rich Vienna tones of the Imperial, switching between the two is simple.


The NU1XA introduces our newly developed Articulation Sensor System. Using non-contact electromagnetic sensors and our proprietary algorithm, this unique system captures every intricate detail of your playing. With dual sensors on each key - one for the hammer and another for the key's release - even the gentlest of expressions are perfectly represented.


The moment the hammer strikes the strings, a grand piano comes alive, filling the room with gorgeous sound. The NU1XA is designed to replicate this experience. Its innovative sound features upward-facing woofers, as well as tweeters with a newly designed horn structure. Together, they create an amazingly rich and realistic grand piano sound that expands as it resonates throughout the performance space.


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